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Here are Some Reasons to Stop Using Windows 7 - Tech Marks The Spot

On January 14, 2020 Microsoft ended support for Windows 7. The legacy operating system was released in 2009. It was both my and millions of other users operating system of choice for years. It is honestly one of the best things Microsoft has ever produced. But alas, its time has come. What does this mean for everyone still using Windows 7? According to ZDnet roughly 200 Million people still use older versions of Windows (read the article here). Most of which will be Windows 7. Does Windows 7 still work? Is it safe? Is it necessary to upgrade to Windows 10? We are going to cover all of this and I will give you some reasons you might consider upgrading.

First, let's answer a few questions:

Does Windows 7 still work? Yes. Windows 7 is still functional. You can still work with Microsoft Office, check your email, play games, watch YouTube videos, and Google all  of your questions with no problem. At least for the time being, your PC should be fully functional while running Windows 7.

Is it safe to still use Windows 7? This is where things can get sticky. Microsoft has ended support. What does that mean? One of the things that it means is that you will no longer receive updates unless you are a business user and willing to pay for extended updates. What does that mean for you if you still use Windows 7? Without further updates you will miss out on security patches, performance improvements, reliability improvements, and new features. Security vulnerabilities left unpatched can be exploited by hackers. At the end of the day you are leaving yourself at risk.

Do you have to upgrade to Windows 10? Absolutely not. You are free to continue running Windows 10. On the security front you will be vulnerable. In time some hardware and software probably win't work or at least will have problems. But truth be told, no one is going to try to force you to upgrade and you should continue to be able to boot and use your computer.

Why You Should Switch to Windows 10 or Something Else

Here are four good reasons to leave Windows 7 behind:

  • No more updates from Microsoft. As I said earlier, Without further updates you will miss out on security patches, performance improvements, reliability improvements, and new features. You will be leaving yourself vulnerable. `Without security updates security issues won't be patched. Add to this the fact that hackers know that Windows 7 is no longer supported.That makes the operating system a big target. By continuing to use it your security is at risk.
  • Hardware might eventually stop working. Your hardware may be working fine right now. It is only a matter of time till you buy a shiny new piece of hardware and find that you can't get Windows 7 to recognize it. Why? It's all about hardware drivers. What are they? Hardware drivers are software that allows your operating system and hardware to communicate and work. If hardware vendors stop creating drivers for Windows 7 their hardware will not work on it.
  • Some software might stop working. It is a similar story to hardware. If your favorite software stops supporting their software on Windows 7 it might stop working.
  • You will miss out on some features when is comes to using new software titles and new versions of software. Again, you will no longer receive updates to Windows 7. You are completely at the mercy of what it is possible for your operating system to support.

What Should You Use Instead of Windows 7

Here are your best options.
  • Windows 10 

    Microsoft's latest incarnation of their operating system. I use it and like it. It is stable,familiar, easy to use, and will continue to be supported by hardware and software vendors into the  future. You can get it here.
  • Linux 

    Linux is a completely different operating system. There are many Linux distributions to choose from. It is free, secure, powerful, and will support several titles that you are familiar with, For titles that it doesn't support it provides software that is equivalent.. For a first time Linux user I would recommend either Mint or Ubuntu. You can get Mint here. You can grab Ubuntu here. If you try either one out let me know what you think.

You can always switch to Mac. That would require a whole new computer and hardware replacements which would mean a lot more expense.


  • On January 14, 2020 Microsoft ended support for Windows 7.
  • Microsoft will no longer provide updates for Windows 7.
  • If you continue using Windows 7 it will still work.
  • Continuing to use Windows 7 opens you up to security vulnerabilities and potential furure hardware and software problems.
  • Your best bet is to switch to Windows 10 or a Linux distribution.
  • You can choose to switch to Mac but there will likely be more expense involved if you do.
Yes Windows 7 should continue working fine for you now. If you choose to keep using it you are asking for security vulnerabilities now and potential hardware and software issues in the future. I have always been a huge fan of Windows 7. I used it for years. But as they say, "All good things must come to an end". Check out Windows 10 or a Linux distribution and see what you think.

Until next time have the best day and tech on.


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