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How to Record Your Screen with OBS Studio - Tech Marks The Spot

Have you ever had a problem on your computer that you wish you could record so you can show your tech savvy friend before they help you? Are you a gamer and would like to record your gameplay for others? Do you have a presentation to give that requires you to record your screen? You can do all of this with a free program called OBS Studio.

What OBS Studio Is Here is a very simplified definition of OBS Studio. It is a screen recorder on steroids. It can record your computer screen, record through your webcam, and even allows you to do livestreams for services like YouTube. It is free, very feature rich, and easy to navigate once you learn how to use it.
In this guide we are going to concentrate on how to record your computer screen. Why would you need to use a screen recording program?
To record a problem that you have been experiencing. This can be a help to whover is troubleshooting your issue.To record your gameplay so you can share it with friends, upload it to Twich, or upload it …