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How to Record Your Screen with OBS Studio - Tech Marks The Spot

How to Keep Unwanted Connections from Slowing Down Your WiFi - Tech Marks The Spot

Are your Internet speeds on the slow side lately? There are several things that could be to blame. One possibility might be others using your Wi-Fi without you even knowing it. How can you tell? What can you do to see the devices connected to your network? If others are using your Wi-Fi how can you stop them? Read on to find out.
How to See What Devices Are Using Your WiFi The following are two ways to see what all has connected to your WiFi. We are going to see how to do it in your router’s settings and with a tool called Wireless Network Watcher. Either approach will work. I would recommend using your router’s settings so you don’t have to download extra software. If you run into problems making it work for any reason then use Wireless Network Watcher.
Using Your Router Settings Open a command prompt by pressing the R key while holding down the Windows Key (the one with the Windows logo on it).  Type “CMD” (without the quotes).Type “ipconfig /all” (again, without the quotes).Look for …

How to Make Your Facebook Account More Private and Secure Part Two: Best Practices - Tech Marks The Spot

Facebook is a pretty cool network. You can keep in touch with the people you care about, promote your business, be entertained, and connect with causes and brands that have meaning to you. The social network definitely isn’t without it’s issues. There are security and privacy concerns, data breaches (anyone remember Cambridge Analytica?), scammers, and bullies. With such a huge network of people those things are bound to exist. You are left with two options: quit Facebook or take action to make it a safer and more private place for you. In this post I am going to share some best practices to make your experience a better one.

Use a Good Password Then Fortify and Protect It We live in a world of weak passwords. It is also a world of identity theft and account hijacking. That is a dangerous combination. Not to sound dramatic but these things do happen and there are people out there that want your information. What is at stake if someone does gain access to your account? Your personal i…

How to Make Your Facebook Account More Private and Secure Part One: Settings - Tech Marks The Spot

How secure and private is your Facebook account? The Internet is full of cool and interesting people. Unfortunately, it also has many bullies, scammers, predators, hackers, and even a few people that you might not want to see that post that you made about your boss or that picture from last years New Years Eve party. The process of increasing your security and privacy on Facebook is painless. This is part one of the two part series: How to Make Your Facebook Account More Private and Secure. Here, in part one, we are going to deal with your settings.
Basics: Privacy CheckupWhat is Privacy Checkup? In Facebook's own words:
"Take a few minutes to review how you're currently sharing your information with people on Facebook and with the apps and websites from other companies that you've used Facebook to log into."In the following steps you will make your first moves toward reclaiming some of your privacy. Log in to your Facebook account. Head over to Facebook and log …