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How To Disable Those Annoying Facebook Voting Reminders

Are VPNs Secure?

In this article I am asking and answering one simple question. Are VPNs secure? First let's get something out of the way. You have a right to secure your online communications and to make them as safe and private as possible. Your security and privacy is important. You are always at risk of your private information being breached. Who might be listening and interested in your data?

It isn't enough to say that you have nothing to hide. The fact is that you do have things to hide. Things that you say in confidence, your contact information, your banking information, and and your passwords are just some of the things that you might want to hide. If you aren't paying attention to your privacy then you are throwing your personal information out there for anyone to see. If you aren't paying attention to your security then you are leaving the doors wide open for third parties to walk right in and access your information. I say a…