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Here are Some Reasons to Stop Using Windows 7 - Tech Marks The Spot

On January 14, 2020 Microsoft ended support for Windows 7. The legacy operating system was released in 2009. It was both my and millions of other users operating system of choice for years. It is honestly one of the best things Microsoft has ever produced. But alas, its time has come. What does this mean for everyone still using Windows 7? According to ZDnet roughly 200 Million people still use older versions of Windows (read the article here). Most of which will be Windows 7. Does Windows 7 still work? Is it safe? Is it necessary to upgrade to Windows 10? We are going to cover all of this and I will give you some reasons you might consider upgrading.

First, let's answer a few questions:

Does Windows 7 still work? Yes. Windows 7 is still functional. You can still work with Microsoft Office, check your email, play games, watch YouTube videos, and Google all  of your questions with no problem. At least for the time being, your PC should be fully functional while running Windows 7.