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Zoom Fatigue and How to Combat It

Fact Checking - What It Is - Why It is Important - How to do It

Watched the news lately? I mean yikes! Australia was on fire. A Global pandemic. And of course a super cyclone damages India. And let's not forget murder hornets. What is that? Two inch long hornets with a venomous sting that kills other bees and can kill animals and humans too. All of that is on top of all the other insanity reported on the news. The nightly news can be scary. In this crazy world the last thing we need is fake news to confuse and misinform us.

In our connected world news spreads faster than ever and it can be hard to tell the real from the fake. We see what the T.V. networks tell us, what we see on Facebook and Twitter, read blogs, watch YouTube, and listen to the people that we interact with every day. It is vital to exercise some critical thinking and take steps to do our own fact checking rather than taking everything we see and hear at face value.

The biggest social platform in the world is Facebook. Facebook is bombarded with articles and memes making all k…

How to Increase Your Browser Cache Size for Better Web Performance

Most of you have heard of web browser cache and many have had to clear it at times. Did you know that your browser cache can help the webpages that you visit load faster? What exactly is browser cache and how can you use it to improve your web browser's performance?

What is Browser Cache? Caching is basically putting something in storage that might be useful later. Your Web browser's cache stores things like images, HTML, CSS, and Javascript so that when you return to a webpage it will load faster. Most of the time it works really well. Granted sometimes when your browser has cached so much stuff over time things get bogged down or webpages can run into problems. That is why one common troubleshooting step when a webpage doesn't seem to be working right is to clear your browsers cache. Though that situation can and does happen, overall, caching is your friend. It helps webpages load more quickly.

How to See How Much Cache Your Chrome or Firefox Browser is Using Before we …

Fun Ways to Stay Connected with Those You Care About While in Quarantine

Though in some parts of the country a few things are starting to open up it will still be a while until we get back to anything resembling "normal". With a nationwide quarantine still going on there are a lot of bored people that want something to do. Many feel isolated. The good news is that you can stay connected and entertained while still at home. Here are some ways to stay connected while still in quarantine.

Video Chat
Video chats can be an amazing way to stay connected. It allows us to see each other face to face. We can chat, eat, play games, listen to music, or whatever else our imagination can come up with. Here are a few ideas.

Just Hang - Video chats are a great way to hang out and take time to catch up. It is more personal than a phone call because you are talking face to face. Just because you are in quarantine doesn't mean that you can't see those that you care about.Eat Together - This one might sound strange but if you think about it you will see tha…

How to Protect Yourself from COVID-19 Scams

2020 has been quite a whirlwind for all of us. A global pandemic? Nationwide quarantines happening all over the world? This all seems like something out of a movie. But the truth is that all of this is a part of our new reality. This is a new reality that we all share and have to navigate the best way that we can.

Though all of this has brought out the best in many people it has unfortunately also brought out the opportunism in some. Both the WHO and Secret Service has issued these warnings:

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Phishing AlertBeware of Criminals Pretending to be WHOThere are investigations into hoarding or price-gouging nationwide, and many more fraud investigations underway. The scammers are coming out of the woodwork. What are they after? Your money.Your information.What do these scams look like? There are many ways a scammer might reach out to you but here is one example. You get a phone call. The number looks legit. When you answer they claim to be from a hospital and tell you t…

How to Get Started on Twitter

By now Twitter has been around long enough that everyone has heard of it. We see it mentioned on TV, movies, and websites frequently. If you still haven't dipped your toes in the Twitter waters and are curious then you are in the right place. The best way to use this blog post is to start at the top and work your way to the bottom.

Read about what what Twitter is.Create your account.Work your way through all the steps to get your settings right.Read about how to get to know Twitter and the do's and don'ts. Let's get started.
What is Twitter Ok, let's get the obvious out of the way. Twitter is a very popular social media platform. As a matter of fact it has 330 million monthly users. That is a lot of people. But going beyond the obvious, what is Twitter? At it's core it is a microblogging platform. Microblogging is sort of a combination of blogging and instant messaging. It is something that many of you do on sites like Facebook and Instagram everyday. When you …